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Frage 1: IPO s ( Neuemissionen am Aktienmarkt) are often sold:

  • under generally bad market conditions
  • under generally good marker conditions
  • in every market condition

Frage 2: An elementary requirement for an intelligent investor is

  • to listen carefully to the seller of an IPO because the price of stock can go up
  • to accept the price of an IPO and buy the stock immediately
  • to resist the price offering of an IPO candidate because of lack of past eamings years

Frage 3: Day trading ( Taggleiches Handeln) is

  • an approbiate way to make money for the broker
  • good for possible profits
  • the best way to lose all your money

Frage 4: These persons are legends of value investing

  • Jim Rodgers and George Soros
  • Charly Munger , Warren Buffett, Walter Schloss
  • Jim Cramer and Henry Blodget

Frage 5: A great company is

  • always a great investment for any price
  • sometimes a great investments dependable on future earnings
  • is not a great investment if you pay too much for it

Frage 6: Mr. Markets ( the job of the stock market) job is to provide you with

  • prices
  • valuations
  • charts

Frage 7: An enterprising investor tries to:

  • take more risks than a defensive investor
  • is buying an index fonds
  • is willing to put an extra time and efforts in researching for the portfolio

Frage 8: Benjamin Graham insits on

  • calculating the P/E ratio of astock based on average future earnings
  • calculating the P/E ratio on a muli year average of past earnings
  • calculating the P/E Ratio based on the past year eaming.

Frage 9: A value investor

  • buys stocks
  • buys sound companies with a durable competitive advantage
  • buys because the banker told so

Frage 10: The margin of safety

  • is a premium of the calculated true value of the company
  • is equal to the calculated true value of the company
  • is a discount of the calculated true value of the company

 Frage 11: to buy an index fund is

  • the worst choice for value investors
  • a good choice for investors
  • the best choice to put the portfolio on autopilot

Frage 12: Value Investing is about:

  • beating the the S+P 500 index over the next l0 years
  • matching the S+P 500 performance over the next 5 years
  • controlling yourself at your own game

Frage 13: The normal investor who pays too much attention for stock market movements

  • is able to beat the market
  • is able to achieve average results over his investments »
  • is in danger of changing his basic advantages into disadvantages

Frage 14: Value Investors should

  • be neutral against bear markets
  • be enthusiastic in bull markets
  • embrace bear markets and buy sound Stocks

Frage 15: the investor with a portfolio of sound stocks should

  • expect extraordinary results
  • hope for average results of his portfolio
  • expect the prices to fluctuate and not be concemed about sizable declines

Frage 16: people who speculate

  • norrnally make money for their kids
  • make money for themselves
  • make money for their brokers

Frage 17: an intelligent investor should concentrate on

  • forecasting future results
  • time the market and bet on fluctuations
  • pricing

Frage 18: speculation is

  • always a bad thing in every Situation
  • sometimes bad sometimes a good thing
  • beneficial on two levels: providing liquidity and changing risk

Frage 19: to invest successfully over a lifetime does require

  • a stratospheric IQ
  • unusual business insights
  • a sound intellectual framework »

Frage 20: for an intelligent investor one of the most important thing is

  • look after Stocks which are „ en vogue“
  • buy into bull market movemets
  • must avoid serious losses

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